El Dorado County Fire Safe Council

The mission of EI Dorado County Fire Safe Council is to protect the people of EI Dorado County and their property from the effects of catastrophic wildfire through education, cooperation, innovation and action.

File Manager

Below you will find a listing of all documents uploaded for sharing to members of the EDC FSC’s board. These files are only able to be downloaded by logged in users.

If you have any questions, or are a board member who does not have (or forgot) appropriate privileges please contact the webmaster.

If you wish to share a file with members of the board via email, please right click the desired link and select “Copy link address.” This link can be pasted into an email for easy sharing of large files. Note: Anyone you want to share these links with will also require login priviledges.

Files more than 30 days old will be moved to the Archive weekly.