El Dorado County Fire Safe Council

The mission of EI Dorado County Fire Safe Council is to protect the people of EI Dorado County and their property from the effects of catastrophic wildfire through education, cooperation, innovation and action.

El Dorado County Establishes the Office of Wildfire Preparedness and Resilience

Creating a fire adapted and resilient El Dorado County through collaboration and coordination

Wildfires continue to increase in frequency and intensity across California, resulting in hundreds of thousands of acres burned and thousands of homes destroyed each year. El Dorado County has experienced this firsthand with the devastating King and Caldor Fires during the last decade.   Recognizing the wildfire threat to people, infrastructure, and natural resources, the Board of Supervisors updated the County Strategic Plan in 2022 to support the creation and maintenance of fire-adapted communities through a countywide wildfire protection strategy. The Office of Wildfire Preparedness and Resilience was established to lead this effort and coordinate the planning and implementation of wildfire mitigation activities across jurisdictions and land ownerships. 

Visit the webpage for more information and resources here; https://www.edcgov.us/Government/CAO/OWPR/Documents/Wildfire%20Preparedness%20and%20Resilience%20Advisory%20Committee%20Org%20Chart%20REV%208-19-22.pdf