El Dorado County Fire Safe Council

The mission of EI Dorado County Fire Safe Council is to protect the people of EI Dorado County and their property from the effects of catastrophic wildfire through education, cooperation, innovation and action.


Due to a lack of funds the chipping program has been suspended.  The program has been funded by a USFS Grant administered by the California State Fire Safe Council for the last several years.   We (The El Dorado County Fire Safe Council) applied for continued funding but our grant request was not approved.  We also applied for a CAL FIRE SRA (Fire Fee) Grant but our project was not selected.  Unfortunately we are forced to suspend this very popular and beneficial program. We regret any inconvenience this program disruption may cause, and encourage residents to continue to maintain defensible space around their homes.  You can hire a chipping contractor or there are alternative means of disposing of green waste, including vouchers from El Dorado Disposal and curbside pick-up of bundled twigs and bags of needles and leaves.  See your El Dorado Disposal mailer for details. We will aggressively pursue other funding sources and will restart the program as soon as possible.  Please check this web page for update information.