El Dorado County Fire Safe Council

The mission of EI Dorado County Fire Safe Council is to protect the people of EI Dorado County and their property from the effects of catastrophic wildfire through education, cooperation, innovation and action.

Nashville / West Sand Ridge Fire Safe Council

Subject: The Sand Fire  7/25/14 through 7/31/14
Special Thanks to all the FIRE FIGHTERS and their support teams for the quick decisive action.
There is a book to be written regarding the Sand Fire.  So much support. So much energy.  So much caring for one another. So much appreciation to those who withstood tremendous ambient heat  and the flames too.   

I wish to thank everyone who had concerns about the residents of the area and who called or emailed me direct.

I am so very proud of the accomplishments derived from CALFIRE’s  Prop 40-CFIP Grants that cleared Wolverine, Jaguar, Tripp Road and a portion of Freshwater,  Grant 508- clearing of Freshwater, Vintage Trail  and Zephyr , and also the  more recent Grant 187  undertaking of all of Sandridge Road from Bucks Bar to Hwy 49, along with neighborhood work days that cleared a major portion  of Mesquite Rd.   All required sincere dedication and  continuous education of  residents  to prepare their homes  in a FIREWISE manner and complete FIRESAFE clearing on  properties guaranteeing much safer evacuations and safer access by Fire and Sheriff  by greatly improving visibility , knowledge of the area and cleared routes. Throughout all these endeavors, Jan Bray, our Registered  Professional Forester was constantly available and  steadfastly directed our movements. Much  appreciation is due to the fact that El Dorado County Sheriff  ( in charge of evacuations)  assisted  in the planning by sharing expertise in developing the plan along with guidance  by CALFIRE, Diamond Fire and Pioneer Fire.  Supervisor Ray Nutting , Ca. Resource Conservation District ( Cosumnes Watershed Manager) and Pacific Gas and Electric offered amazing support. Without the approval of EDCFSC’s Vicky Yorty and Alan Jaeger  we may never have gotten  this Fire Safe Council  started. 
Highest accolades must go to the residents who themselves prepared well and thoroughly.  I am anxiously anticipating all the stories of success that will come from the homeowners, the firefighters and those who have observed this successful product  of effort, energy spent and awareness of a community willing to Take responsibility“.
Thank you, thank you , thank you, and special thanks to the California Fire Safe Council and the US Forest Service for providing  our grant funding. When all is said and done this will be a great example for others to follow.  An opportunity now exists for education and effort to continue. Nine years in the making and we aren’t done yet!
Very Sincerely,
Linda Colombo
Greater Sandridge FIREWISE Watershed Council aka Nashville Sandridge Fire Safe Council