El Dorado County Fire Safe Council

The mission of EI Dorado County Fire Safe Council is to protect the people of EI Dorado County and their property from the effects of catastrophic wildfire through education, cooperation, innovation and action.

Information and Resources: Cool-Pilot Hill Fire Safe Council

Mascot_Northside Keep Cool-Pilot Hill Fire Safe!

The information and resources listed below are offered for the benefit of Cool-Pilot Hill Residents.

Learn about. . . .

  • El Dorado County Wildfire Protection and Fuel Reduction Plan
  • Your Trees and the Drought (from PG&E)
  • Evacuation Plans for Your Horses
  • AQHA’s “In Case of Emergency” (America’s Horse; July, 2016)
  • El Dorado County’s “Ready Pet Go” website
  • Cool-Pilot Hill Communities At Risk Program
  • Fire Safety Tips from Jeff Tolson
  • El Dorado County Sheriff’s Code Red Program (“how to”)
  • The Bark Beetle and California’s Forests
  • A List of “Service Providers” (Be Fire Safe “Ready!”)
  • Natural Disasters and Senior Care (Protect older adults during a natural disaster by following simple tips for senior safety)


El Dorado County Fire Safe Council is serious about Wildfire Protection and Fuel Reduction!  Click on the link to view the Cool-Pilot Hill Fire Safe Fuel Mitigation Plan for 2016.  Where are you?

You can also access information about Tree Mortality (El Dorado County) and Tree Mortality (State of California)


Tree Trimming is Fire Safe "Ready!"

Tree Trimming is Fire Safe “Ready!”

PG&E Resource: Your Trees and the Drought

Four years of drought conditions have caused many trees in our communities to die or become extremely unhealthy. Lack of water has weakened them, making them susceptible to disease and infestations of harmful insects such as bark beetles. These compromised trees are a hazard to people and property since they can fall on power lines and homes without warning and cause injuries, property damage, power outages and wildfires. To prevent such incidents, [PG&E has] increased tree inspections as well as tree pruning and removal. [PG&E is] also asking you to help by inspecting trees on your property and throughout your community.

Having an evacuation plan for your horses is fire "Ready!"

Having an evacuation plan for your horses is Fire Safe “Ready!”

What to do with your horses when wildfire is on its way!

This booklet evolved from the original information contained in “What Do I Do With My Horse In Fire, Flood, and/or Earthquake?” initiated by Rod Bergen and compiled by Stephanie Abronson and the members of the Monte Nido Mountain Ridge Riders, and originally published by the Monte Nido Paddock of Equestrian Trails, Inc., Corral 63, since 1992. The previous printed version of this booklet in a revised edition was by the City of Los Angeles and Stephanie Abronson, March 1997. Shared resource from Auburn Lake Trails.


How timely! I just received the July, 2016 issue of America’s Horse (the AQHA quarterly publication for Association Members) and one of the featured articles focused on keeping horses safe during natural disasters (e.g., wildfire, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc). Check out “In Case of Emergency” (Are YOU prepared to keep your horses safe during natural disasters)” . . . lots of useful information AND they concur with much of the information shared during our “Ready, Set, Go” event (reproduced with authorization from AQHA).



Ready Pet Go


Disasters and emergencies can happen at any time and they may require anything from  a brief absence from your home to evacuation. The best thing you can do for yourself and your pets is to be prepared. Check out El Dorado County’s “Ready Pet Go” Website!



CalFIRE Communities At Risk

CalFIRE Communities
At Risk

Pilot Hill Estates joins “Cool” as “#925” on the CalFIRE Communities At Risk List.

To help protect people and their property from potential catastrophic wildfire, the National Fire Plan directs funding to be provided for projects designed to reduce the fire risks to communities. A fundamental step in achieving this goal was the identification of communities that are at high risk of damage from wildfire. These high risk communities identified within the wildland-urban interface, the area where homes and wildlands intermix, were published in the Federal Register in 2001. At the request of Congress, the Federal Register notice only listed those communities neighboring federal lands. The list represents the collaborative work of the 50 states and five federal agencies using a standardized process, whereby states were asked to submit all communities within their borders that met the criteria of a structure at high risk from wildfire.

With California’s extensive urban Wildland-Urban Interface situation, the list of communities extends beyond just those adjacent to Federal lands. The California State Forester (CAL FIRE Director) has the responsibility for managing the list; view the “Communities At Risk” map for Northern California.


Jeff Tolson Shares "Tips" on Preparedness

Jeff Tolson Shares “Tips” on Preparedness

Thinking Ahead is “Fire Safe Ready!”

At our recent CPHFSC “Ready” Event, Member and Retired Cool Fire Chief, Jeff Tolson, shared some Fire Safety Tips

Sometimes the smallest things we do can make the biggest difference: Both positive AND negative!




Register NOW for El Dorado County Sheriff’s Code Red Program

U_JIDm-Y_400x400Registering your phone information with El Dorado County Sheriff’s Code Red is “Fire Safe Ready!” This link contains easy instructions to register your phone and/or e-mail with the Code Red System. You can also select to receive emergency and/or general notifications.

Registering for Code Red is Fire Safe Ready!



What about this “bark beetle?” 

We are pleased to offer this informative Statement from Supervisor Ranalli on the Bark Beetle Infestation in California’s Forests.

Questions? For additional information check out the US Department of Agriculture informational website on Bark Beetles in California.

Protecting California’s Natural Resources is Fire Safe Ready!



 people thinking
Need Help But Not Sure Where to Find It?                                  
Check out this list of Service Providers
Codicil: The Cool-Pilot Hill Fire Safe Council does not endorse anyone on this list and any agreement of service is between the provider and the property owner. Hopefully, these service providers can help you get “Fire Safe Ready!”