El Dorado County Fire Safe Council

The mission of EI Dorado County Fire Safe Council is to protect the people of EI Dorado County and their property from the effects of catastrophic wildfire through education, cooperation, innovation and action.

About Logtown

Crystal RangeThe Logtown Fire Safe Council area includes a diverse community of more than 600 parcels ranging from two-acre subdivision lots to 10+ acreage and large ranches.  We have dirt roads, graveled roads, and paved roads. There are private roads, county roads, roads maintained by a Community Service District (Golden West CSD.) and a State highway running through the middle of it. The terrain consists of open ridge tops with views of the Sierra Nevada Range to the east to secluded, timbered canyons.

Our location in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills and the diverse terrain and roadways present us with challenges when it comes to fire safety. The wildland fire hazard ratings for the Logtown area range from moderate to very high. You are living in what is known as a Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) area.

Ore FireThe Logtown Fire Safe Council was born in July 2006 after a wildfire started by an accident on Highway 49 destroyed two houses and threatened many more. Since that time we have improved our community’s resistance to wildfire through education, creation of defensible space, and cooperation with local fire and road agencies. We offer free chipping services and green waste dumpsters through the El Dorado County Fire Safe Council, and have completed a major grant funded, fuel reduction project around the perimeter of the community and along an evacuation route.

Local phone trees originally organized to give people a “heads up” when there is a fire in our area or when the fire danger is high have been replace by the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services Alert and Warning System.

One of our first orders of business was to develop the Logtown Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). This plan describes and prioritizes the fuel reduction projects in and around Logtown designed to improve our resistance to wildfire intrusion and spread into the community. Click Logtown CWPP to download a copy of this plan.

More information on the history of Logtown can be found in Logtown The Legacy of Ordinary Places

The Logtown Fire Safe Council operates as a satellite of the El Dorado County Fire Safe Council, a non-profit public benefit corporation.